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Identification. The Republic of Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, has 203 million people living on nearly one thousand permanently settled islands. Some two-to-three hundred ethnic groups with their own languages and dialects range in population from the Javanese (about 70 million) and Sundanese (about 30 million) on Java, to peoples numbering in the thousands on remote islands.

The nature of Indonesian national culture is somewhat analogous to that of India—multicultural, rooted in older societies and interethnic relations, and developed in twentieth century nationalist struggles against a European imperialism that nonetheless forged that nation and many of its institutions. The national culture is most easily observed in cities but aspects of it now reach into the countryside as well. Indonesia's borders are those of the Netherlands East Indies, which was fully formed at the beginning of the twentieth century, though Dutch imperialism began early in the seventeenth century.

Indonesian culture has historical roots, institutions, customs, values, and beliefs that many of its people share, but it is also a work in progress that is undergoing particular stresses at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Location and Geography. Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago nation, is located astride the equator in the humid tropics and extends some 2,300 miles (3,700 kilometers) east-west, about the same as the contiguous United States. It is surrounded by oceans, seas, and straits except where it shares an island border with East Malaysia and Brunei on Borneo (Kalimantan); with Papua New Guinea on New Guinea; and with Timor Loro Sae on Timor. West Malaysia lies across the Straits of Malaka, the Philippines lies to the northeast, and Australia lies to the south.

The archipelago's location has played a profound role in economic, political, cultural, and religious developments there. For more than two thousand years, trading ships sailed between the great civilizations of India and China via the waters and islands of the Indies. The islands also supplied

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Yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali? Why not come to beautiful Bali for a rejuvenating yoga retreat. Vitality 4 Life; in partnership with a Health Resort in Ubud, now offer a wellness retreat with raw food, yoga, colonics, massage, detox and beauty treatments. Embark on a 7 day lifestyle change to relax your mind, refresh your body and renew your spirit at this joyful and healing retreat.

In Bali, Vitality 4 Life has created the ultimate health retreat by providing cold pressed juices, living sprouts, a true infrared sauna for genuine detoxification & our vibration platforms to assist your individual fitness retreat régime.
So if you’re looking at Bali holidays, take the opportunity to bring your Bali vacation home where you can continue with your new healthy lifestyle change.

bali yoga Studio

At the yoga bali studio retreat, you have the opportunity to experience the Vitality 4 Life 'healthy home' range of products in a beautiful, fun and supportive environment.

You feel great at the end of your holiday and will have learned the life skills to keep yourself feeling that way.
You can taste the quality of living juice and try juicing for yourself with a Vitality 4 Life juicer. You will be able to experiment with the different vibration platforms to ascertain which one is right for you and spend some time each day in the beautifully handcrafted Softheat far infrared sauna, herbal steam room and spa, perhaps after your massage or colonic.
You will have your very own personal assistant for yoga bali studio, who will organise your schedule, your excursions and anything you require during your stay!

Yoga Retreat Bali

As we all know we need to live knowing what we are: possessors of a limitless treasure, our immortal souls, and our connections to the infinity. Nothing can take that away. We need to live the life for which we were created: a life of glory, love, peace, creativity, awe, gratitude, and infinite beauty, a life that is in contact with our Creator. To live that life, we need spiritual practices, a spiritual community, and a place to retreat from the world that wants to obscure this basic truth. To realize the Creator is impossible without knowing our True Self. This is the first step into spirituality. The ability to reconnect with your True Self is the ability to connect with the Creator.


The Bali Yoga health studio Canti retreat focus will be to reconnect with yourself and find the answer of your life within, where most of us look outside and yet the answer is not there. The answer is already within us but we forget how to find it. Yoga health studio in bali is a gate way to re-unite the body, breath, mind, and soul to be in the same direction; as the word yoga mean “union“. This retreat will give you an understanding of how to transformed and reconnect to your inner being. You will find this as a very special program designed personally for you. It is an experience that involves and integrates your body, breath, mind, and soul; which brings you to deepest level of your being and gives more meanings to your daily life.


Bali Yoga Asana Studio canti retreat is an activity for those who seek happiness, peace and tranquility with the “self”. The island of God is an ideal venue for yoga retreat and spiritual activities. The ancient way of life the Balinese people have is a reflection of yoga which are the karma yoga and bhakti yoga. It is known that the vibration of spirituality is very strong on the soil of Bali. This is mainly resulted from the Balinese devotions that are manifested in their daily ritual ceremony. Those devotions are the forms of Yoga that radiate strong vibrations that many can feel immediately when entering the Bali Island.
This retreat is specially designed by blending yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, holistic healing, cleansing chakra and aura, spa massage, reading the past life, ancient ritual Agni Hotra ceremony, as well as personalize ancient tantra vedic flower purifications. This combinations will enable you to feel a totally journey within, from your body, breath, as well as your mind; and touch your inner self. This becomes an experience that gives value of appreciating what the life is blessing Yoga Asana resort in bali.


You will be encouraged to start each day with a lovely walk in the nearby rice paddy, followed by a yoga nature and meditation session for activity Yoga asana Studio.

If you love Yoga Asana nature Bali resort, the resort is situated alongside the Mumbul river, with a 20 metre waterfall bordering the property. This is considered to be a spiritual healing place for renewal of your mind, body and soul.

Yoga Retreat Ubud Bali | Yoga Asana Bali resort

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